(Read) [The Privilege of the Sword]

  • Paperback
  • 378
  • The Privilege of the Sword
  • Ellen Kushner
  • English
  • 16 September 2020
  • 9780553382686

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Read & Download The Privilege of the Sword Ellen Kushner µ 4 Free download The Privilege of the Sword Read & Download ↠ 104 Mistake is thinking that they apply For Katherine's host and uncle Alec Campion aka the Mad Duke Tremontaine is in charge here and to him rules are made to be broken When Alec decides it would be amusing for his niece to learn swordplay. The one where Mad Duke Alec brings his 15 year old niece Katherine to the city to make a swordsman of her Very fine when it comes to Katherine s personal life less successful in other areasKatherine is adorable and her reactions rang very true to me I especially liked how it felt for her to put on men s clothes for the first time and how she gradually gained enthusiasm for her fate Her sexual awakening was done very well too I enjoyed seeing the dark side of sex and marriage I have a feeling that the Regency romances you ve read and enjoyed the chilling it is to see the other side But the book has a complex view of sexuality and fantasy repeatedly it shows the same act with radically different meanings for the participants It was nice to have a tiny bit of backstory on Alec and nice to see that the author is aware that he s insane sometimes I ve wondered I m still not clear though on what he was doing by making a swordsman of Katherine was it only to fit her for the family role or was there some larger purposeI don t know what Flavia was doing there for all the long term significance she has she might as well have been left out And I object to Rose s plot being dropped at such a critical point though of course that s setting up for a seuelAnd the Ferris plot To have it resolved in so blunt and hasty a fashion was a real letdown for me and I also don t believe that Alec would have been able to walk away from such a thing with so few conseuences to himself and his family The ending was hasty in general I felt that two or three chapters had been left out but maybe that s because the book was Katherine s but the climax was Alec s so we never really got a climax for Katherine s story2007 Locus poll 1 fantasy

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Read & Download The Privilege of the Sword Ellen Kushner µ 4 Free download The Privilege of the Sword Read & Download ↠ 104 Welcome to Riverside where the aristocratic and the ambitious battle for power in the city's ballroom brothels and boudoirs Into this alluring world walks Katherine a well bred country girl versed in the rules of conventional society Her. About fifteen years after Swordspoint young Katherine is sent from the country to her uncle the mad Duke who has a nefarious but possibly brilliant plan to turn her into the first swordswomanOkay so it went something like thisFirst 100 pages Restless twitching sighing picking of fingernails God Ellen Kushner are you seriously telling me you re letting me down in this universe twiceNext 100 pages Oh Oh Eeee Well why didn t you say so earlier Oh but you re still doing that thing where you think all your other characters in addition to Richard and Alek are interesting and you re still wrong sighLast half of the book Clever clever book Oh Katherine Oh Alek You are all marvelous and delightful and I love you to distraction I take it all back I didn t mean a word of it Well except for the part about the first 100 pages being boring cause they kinda are Sorry So you know forge ahead Because this book made me so so happy There s clever cross dressing and power discourse and privilege discourse and tragedy and beauty This is a book about powerlessness and self determination with a female protagonist who dresses as a man and becomes a swordswoman and it s not really about gender It s about people and for that alone I could love it

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Read & Download The Privilege of the Sword Ellen Kushner µ 4 Free download The Privilege of the Sword Read & Download ↠ 104 Than to follow the usual path to marriage her world changes forever Blade in hand it's up to Katherine to navigate a maze of secrets and scoundrels and to gain the self discovery that comes to those who master the privilege of the sword. I was into this book as much as Artemisia and Katherine were into The Swordsman Whose Name Was Not DeathThe ending was a bit abrupt but not out of character I would ve wanted a intricate ending and a few chapters But I m completely willing to forgive this considering how fast my heart was beating during other parts of the story and how lost in the story and world I was