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  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • The Pope of Palm Beach
  • Tim Dorsey
  • en
  • 05 September 2019
  • 9780062429254

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free read The Pope of Palm Beach 109 Spots were hot A god on the water the big hearted surfer was a friend to everyone the younger surfers cops politicians wealthy businessmen and ordinary Joes a generosity of spirit that earned him the admiration of all Meanwhile there was a much murkier legend that made the rounds of the schoolyards from Serge’s youth that of the crazy hermit living in a makeshift jungle compound farther up the mysterious Loxahatchee River than anyone dared to ventureThen Serge moved away But never forgotNow he’s back with those legends looming larger than ever in the rearview mirror of his memory As his literary odyssey moves north from Key West closer and closer to his old stomping grou. This is book 21 in the series but number 1 for me and I struggled to see in it what others appear to have done Maybe I should have read the others first I have no issue with vigilantes and violence but the story just didn t give me much joy and I didn t really see the humour that others did I think on this occasion a book just not for me

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free read The Pope of Palm Beach 109 Nds Serge digs into the past as only Serge can Along the way he unintentionally disturbs some long forgotten ground attracting the attention of a cast of villains that only Florida can produceAs the body count grows so does the list of uestionsWhy are the guys in the hard hats worried about the monkeys When do you hack a motel air conditioner How does Coleman get high with cat toys Who is expecting the dildo And will book tours ever be the same after Serge decides to check one outTold in alternating flashbacks between Serge and Coleman’s childhoods and the present day The Pope of Palm Beach is a witty and deliciously violent delight from the twisted imagination of Tim Dorse. I loved The Pope Of Palm Beach Although there are 20 previous books in this series this is my first Tim Dorsey and it worked fine as a stand alone novel Set in Florida it s a very amusing farce featuring the manically curious and furious Serge Storms and his drug addled sidekick Coleman They are a brilliant pairing with Serge venting his righteous rage on various scumbags who do things like dump polluting materials in nature reserves or price vital medicines out of the reach of those who need them out of personal greed They all meet dreadful but appropriate ends a bit like a modern day secular version of Dante s Inferno There is also an historical story intercut with this whose relevance we don t discover until the last uarter or so of the book but which works very well and leads to a thrilling and amusing climax which kept me reading well after I should have stopped for the nightIt s excellently done You really do have to get the tone right if you re going to make gruesome killing funny and Dorsey gets it perfectly He writes brilliantly creating an excellent sense of place and the balance of excitement and humour in the narrative seemed perfect to me He also skewers many of the idiocies of modern life and especially in the character of Darby Pope makes some uite profound human statements below the witty surfaceI m delighted to have been introduced to Tim Dorsey and I ll definitely be looking into Serge and Coleman booksMy thanks to Farrago Books for an ARC via NetGalley

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free read The Pope of Palm Beach 109 From Florida’s king of mayhem compulsively irreverent and shockingly funny Boston Globe New York Times bestselling author Tim Dorsey comes a diabolically madcap adventure featuring the indomitable Serge A StormsNo one worships the Sunshine State as much as Serge A Storms Perpetually hunting Floridian arcana and lore he and his permanently baked sidekick Coleman are on the road again This time they’re on a frenzied literary pilgrimage that leads them back to Riviera Beach the cozy seaside town where the boys spent their formative yearsGrowing up Serge was enthralled by the Legend of Riviera Beach aka Darby a welder at the port who surfed the local waves long before the hot. The sun was going down behind the Big Burger when the alligator came flying in the drive through window When a book opens with a sentence like that it can only mean one thing God help us they re back Yep Serge A Storms his perma stoned sidekick Coleman are on the road again embarking on a literary tour of Florida It goes without saying there will be some speed bumps along the wayyou know just the usual stuff Angry monkeys drug dealers a hermit sex toys with GPSthe mundane things we all deal with on a daily basisDorsey has been described as Carl Hiaasen on acid Both write novels that are hilarious fast paced full of colourful characters they employ to highlight the state s constant battle between greedy developers environmentalists But Dorsey turns it up to eleven Serge his certifiable MC is a true original in this outing we get to see how he Coleman became the terrors of Florida s backroads In part one we meet them as children growing up in the idyllic 1960 s follow Little Serge s adventures which include meeting the Pope No not that oneAnother thread set in the same time frame introduces the Pope of Palm Beach Darby Pope is a legendary surfer all around zen guy much admired in his community When he takes a young boy named Kenny under his wing it s the start of a life long friendship that unfolds in alternate chapters The story line is funny poignant provides a counter balance to zany violence of Serge Coleman s road trip As the significance of Darby Kenny s friendship becomes clear it s inevitable the 2 time lines will collide in the present Aaaand we re off They join forces to fight back against skanky criminals intent on settling an old score Mayhem ensues some is not for the faint of heart But you have to hand it to Serge He may be a killer but he dispatches bad guys in ways you could never imagine It s a wild violent completely bonkers vehicle that allows the author to toss satirical barbs at the politicians policy that are destroying Florida s fragile ecosystem And whether you re giggling or gasping you ll learn the history culture of Florida they never taught in school as you ride shotgun with this deranged duo