(E–pub READ) [Blind Hunger]

  • Paperback
  • 240
  • Blind Hunger
  • Araminta Star Matthews
  • English
  • 27 November 2020
  • 9780978792596

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review Blind Hunger · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Araminta Star Matthews ↠ 0 review Free read Blind Hunger S Bureau decides not to count the walking dead And if all the adults have become the legions of the undead who will protect the childr. I was so pleased when I got this in the mail It is a blood and gore zombie story told from a uniue perspective kids This adds to the suspense and chills the flesh eating takes on a whole new visual when it is youth being devoured pieces at a time Strawberry rhubarb jam is no longer on my list of things to have for breakfast The plot moves rapidly it is a true page turner a one sitting book since the reader is drawn uickly into the story and the characters The characters and the setting the school the strengths of the story but also its weaknesses The characters are a bit given to un youth liketeenager behaviors what teen these days would not send out texts the instant they find their parents eatenThe school setting works well since it has all sorts of protected inside spaces in which to run around but it also would have the technology available to use earlier in the story This is a triumphant debut novel I have a feeling and hope that there will be to this story I am eagerly awaiting the next one to see how the author develops the characters and moves the plot to the next level

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review Blind Hunger · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Araminta Star Matthews ↠ 0 review Free read Blind Hunger S of New England rests the town of Greendale population 3812 and that population just got a heck of a lot smaller That is if the Censu. Can I review my own book Um I don t think that s entirely ethical So I won t give it a star rating BUT I can say that it is a scary zombie story in which all the adults in a small New England town become zombies and a small band of children have to figure out how to survive in a hurry I hope you enjoy it And either way I hope you ll give it an honest review Just remember this is my first novel I m sure it s rife with tiny mistakes in spite of the four editors it went through both before and after it was picked up by the publisher Thanks for your support

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review Blind Hunger · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Araminta Star Matthews ↠ 0 review Free read Blind Hunger When the adults in this small town become monsters it's time for the children to grow up And fast Nestled in the pine studded hillside. Everybody has a zombie plan right We tell ourselves that its never going to happen and yet who hasn t had a discussion about what they d do if it ever did The only trouble is I bet you didn t think that maybe it wasn t going to be you that survived but your kid or the kid next door What if when it came the zombie was you and every other adult in town maybe even the worldIn Araminta Matthews YA novel its the kids dealing with a zombie apocalypse this time brought on by genetic tampering on parasites intended to make plants produce food even after the plant is in fact deadAs a result the odds are stacked much higher against them and the limitations of their size skills and ideas can be a big problem Fierce driven to feed and fast these monsters reuire fast action and clear thinking to combatOur protagonists Kiley a sarcastic 12 year old goth Sage a genius 9 year old Bryan the 15 year old boyfriend of Kiley s older sister and Max a social misfit and classmate of Kiley s find themselves facing these creatures early one morning when they should have been starting school Matthews achieves a lot with this book her writing is clear the action is intense and the characters realistic Her monsters and their origins are clearly planned out and far from the usual zombie fair All of this makes for a great YA horror novel and satisfying read